Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Here we go again!

Sometime around October 11th, Brian and I decided to go ahead and begin to try to grow our family with our 2nd child. Less than a month later, on November 9th, I woke up and saw those anticipated blue lines! We were so shocked that it happened so quickly, when it took us almost a year to get pregnant with our Maverick.

Since Thanksgiving was just right around the corner, we decided that it would be neat to keep the secret from everyone until we were together with all of our family, then spill the beans. However, that did not last long! Thanksgiving was not "right around the corner" after all. We randomly decided to go tell our families one by one on November 13th. My sister, Mandi, was celebrating her birthday on November 14th, so I called and told her I had an early birthday present for her. ;) She, along with everyone else, was thrilled with our big announcement!

Around about 6 weeks (November 20th), the sickness began. However, I can tell it's a little different than my first pregnancy. With Maverick, I was constantly sick, no breaks. As soon as I would eat something, it came back up. This time, I stay pretty nauseous, but I do get times when I notice it has gone away. I can also pretty much eat and keep it down. I am praying this passes soon, and does not continue throughout the entire pregnancy again!

We got to go to our first appointment on November 28th, to confirm the pregnancy and get an estimated due date. I feel like I am showing a lot sooner this time around, and also had a late cycle in October, so I have been curious to see if I am a little further along. The nurse said my uterus "feels like a normal 7-8 weeks uterus!" But we will definitely confirm that with our upcoming ultrasound (December 10th).

We can't wait to see our newest little baby, and we know that Maverick is going to be an amazing big brother! Please be in prayer than God will form our baby according to His will, and keep him/her healthy while in my tummy.

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